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Snap-Action Thermostat

Snap-Action Thermostat, KSD301


  • Electrical Rating: 16A 125V AC(Resistive Load)
            10A 250V AC(Resistive Load)
            16A 250V AC(Resistive Load)
  • Operating Temp: 50~175℃ (UL. CUL 205℃)
  • Differential: 10~30K (15K Standard)
  • Temp. Tolerance: Operating Temp. ±3, ±5
  • Heat Durability: 220℃ Max. (PPS)
  • Circuit Resistance: 50mΩ Max.
  • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min. at DC500V
  • Dielectric Strength: AC 1000V for 1m
             AC 1800V for 1s
  • Operating Life: 100,000 Cycles (16A 125V/ 10A 250V AC)
           10,000 Cycles (16A 250V AC)
  • VDE, UL Applicable

Model Code

Model Code

(a) Contact Type

A = Contact Opens When Temperature Rises to Set Point (Normally Close) NC
B = Contact Close When Temperature Rises to Set Point(Normally Open) NO
M = Manual Reset

(b) Temp. Tolerance

Grade A *B
Action ±℃ 3 5
Reset ±℃ 4 8
The grade of temp. tolerance is "A", When the operating temp. is less than 105℃.
The grade of temp. tolerance is "B", When the operating temp. is over 106℃.

(c) Bracket Type

Fixed Bracket (Unitl: mm/inch)
* Stainless Steel Cap: D, DL, V, T Type
Fixed Bracket C
Fixed Bracket B
Fixed Bracket E
Fixed Bracket H
Fixed Bracket R
C Type
B Type
E Type
H Type
R Type
Fixed Bracket D
Fixed Bracket X
Fixed Bracket V
Fixed Bracket P
Fixed Bracket DL
D Type
X Type
V Type (Open Cap)
P Type (4 Posts Shell)
*DL Type
Loose Bracket (Unitl: mm/inch)
* Stainless Steel Cap: U Type
Loose Bracket O
Loose Bracket U
Loose Bracket M
Loose Bracket S
Loose Bracket G
O Type
*U Type
M Type
S Type
G Type (Screw or Spot Avallable)

(d) Terminal Orientation

Terminal Orientation 0
Terminal Orientation 90
Terminal Orientation 45
Terminal Orientation L
F Type(0°)
R Type(90°)
T Type(45°)
L Type(90°X1)

(e) Terminal Size

Terminal Size 4.75x0.8
Terminal Size 6.35x0.8
Terminal Size 4.75x0.5
Terminal Size 2.54x0.5
Terminal Size 4.75x0.5
Terminal Size 4.75x0.5
Type 1 (AMP #187 Tab)
Type 2 (AMP #250 Tab)
Type 3 (Solder Tab)
Type 4 (Dip Tab)
Type 6 (Weld Tab)
Type 7 (AMP #187 Tab)


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Capillary ThermostatCapillary Thermostat The volume of the material in the temperature sensing part of temperature controller will inflate or deflate when the temperature of the controlled object varies, which causes the film box that is connected to the temperature sensing part inflating or deflating, then drives the switch on or off through a leverage function to keep a constant temperature. WK Series Liquid Inflated Temperature Controller is characterized by accurate temperature control, reliable, small on/off temperatures difference, a wide range of temperature control and large over loaded current etc. Snap-Action ThermostatSnap-Action ThermostatKSD series is a Small-sized bimetal thermostat with a metal cap,which belongs to thermal relays family .The main principle is that one function of bimetal discs is snap action under the change of sensing temperature, The snap action of disc push the action of the contacts through the inside structure, then caused on or off the circuit finally,It's can be used different insulating materials to satisfy the customers' request ,the main insulator is bakelite, PPS and ceramics etc. It is a small type temperature controller. And it has fixed temperature property, don't need to adjust,reliable action, long life and little wireless interference.
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Designed temperature: 0~90℃
Temp. control range: 6~30℃ 6-35℃ 5-55℃ 0-70℃ 5-75℃
Voltage and current: AC250V 16A
Thermal ProtectorThermal Protector This thermostat is rectangle,small size,regular act-temperature,the action rapid,reliable,unelectric-arc,and longevity. It can install at narrow position or set in some products.
The Series use the bimetal as the component of feel-temperature, when the temperature change, the bimetal change the shape so the contact-point act quickly, thereby the electric circuit break off.
Kettle ThermostatKettle ThermostatSuitable for temperature control of electric kettle
The bimetal piece has high quality and acumen
The insulated plastic material could be ensured high temperature Steam automatic skip protection and dry burn prevent protection for safer use Reasonable configuration and easy assemble, wide range temperature, long life.
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Capillary Thermostat, Bimetal Thermostat, Kettle Thermostat, Thermal Protector, Twinkling Thermostat, Snap Action Thermostat
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